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Apr 14, 2022

Cuppa 35 of 40 - an energising tea between the Sacred Valley in Peru & London with Shaman, Feng Shui Consultant & Dream Weaver Davina Mackail & Rach.

Continuing the exploration of navigating chaos, inner wisdom & power.  This tea treads the path of the inbetween, otherworlds & metaphysics.  Davina shares lively stories of her journey to apprectince as a Shaman, the Quyllurit'i pilgrimage, plant medicine experiences & COVID from the amazon.

This tea talks listening to spirit, astrology, overcoming trauma & WTF is actually happening on an energetic level.  Wild dreams at night, what they mean, the power of 6, elemental wisdom and when she smuggled a second hand fax machine in return to tickets for the bolshoi ballet.  Its lively, thought provoking and and has laugh out loud moments.

40 for Tea is a quest exploring being human in this new decade.  Subscribe to be part of the journey.