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Jun 3, 2021

How to overcome fear when your husband loses his business.

What to do.

We've been there.

A powerful perspective shifter.

Nutritionist & health advocate Sarah Baylis And Rach, have a bite size chat over a cuppa on refocusing on what's important.  Moving toward each other. 

Sarah is in soon to be released Season 3 talking...

May 27, 2021

Being a Shepherdess, Soil & Sensitivity as a super power.  This honest and gentle tea, offers us reflections on the fragility of life as Dr Lydia Cole and Rach take a look back at wisdom and reflections on 2020.  Lydia is soon to be in Season 3 talking the importance of peat and living with our planet.

03.01 -...

May 20, 2021

Woman wisdom & growth mindset.  The surprising impact of online courses and how to let go.  This life giving tea with Bex Tyrer and Rach takes a look back at wisdom and reflections on 2020.

02.13 - It tasted like lemons

04.27 - I learnt so much...

07.42 - the power of nature

09.17 - the wisdom

14.00 - the medicine

May 6, 2021

ICU, grief, cultivating intuition, reflections on each lockdown in London.  This is a lively and honest cup of tea with Ruth Taylor, from episode 4 of 40 for Tea and Rach Allan.  They explore her reflections from 2020 and lessons learnt:

04.40 - living with & supporting ICU Nurse friend

07.24 - second lockdown

08.26 -...

Apr 23, 2021

Celia Bull from cuppa 17 of 40 for Tea and Rach Allan, have a quick tea, to explore her experience of 2020, answering: What did it smell, taste & sound like?  What did you learn & let go? What wisdom are you taking into 2021.

Celia, ex pro Climber, now pro skipper, saved the life of Paul Pritchard on the Totem Pole in...