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Mar 1, 2024

Welcome to Cuppa 37 of 40 for Tea, as host Rachel Allan shares a cup of English Breakfast tea with acclaimed wildlife and travel photographer, Sue Flood, on an intimate journey across the icy landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Sue Flood unveils the stark beauty of these remote territories, teeming with life, and challenges our perceptions about exploration, conservation, and photography.

This tea we are taken to places of awe and surprise.  Sue shares personal stories of proposal - divorce and second marriage; all with nature as witness.  Before diving into the vast expanse of Antarctica, Emperor Penguin Colonies and exploration through the lens of nature connection, climate change and her love of tea.  More details below... 

In th meantime, go grab a cuppa and lets dive into this awe filled, generous expedition into true passion, and the power of the heart in nature…

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More details & time stamps below if you want it:

 **Life Lessons & Laughter:** Experience Sue’s heartwarming and humorous stories, from the “divorce whale” incident to her rekindled romance and unique wedding with a celebrity witness.

 **Polar Exploration:** Sue Flood sets the stage by discussing the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic, the unique wildlife present, and the breathtaking scale of these regions.

 **An Ambassador’s Lens:** Learn about Sue's role as a photo ambassador, and her efforts to inspire others through her wildlife photography skills while forging a deep connection with the natural world.

**Emperor Penguin Encounters:** Immerse yourself in Sue's passion for emperor penguins, as she shares her close encounters, highlights their life cycle, and uncovers the secret behind a heart-shaped pattern on a penguin's chest.

 **Environmental Insights:** In light of climate change impacts and conservation efforts, Sue discusses the changes observed in Antarctica and the hopeful signs amidst the challenges.

**Photography and Filming:** Revel in Sue’s tales of overcoming her fears for the sake of capturing the perfect shot and her remarkable experiences filming with the Blue Planet and Planet Earth teams.

**Love for Tea:** Discover how a simple love for Earl Grey tea offers comfort and reflection, even in the coldest corners of our world.

**Giving Back:** Hear about Sue's collaboration with Julian Lennon's White Feather foundation and her conservation-oriented initiatives.

**Capturing Nature:** Unveil the heightened awareness that comes with time spent amongst wildlife, and the importance of observing nature for restoration and inspiration.

**Connect with Sue Flood:**

Find out more about Sue Flood's incredible work and her book, "Emperor: The Perfect Penguin." Explore behind-the-scenes content and learn about her upcoming projects and expeditions.

Sue's Website. & Instagram: [@SueFloodPhotography]

01.13: Intro to Sue Flood

06:58 The Relationship Stories:  The Proposal filming Bowhead Whales 

08:58 The Divorce Whale Story:  Humpback Whale Filming

11:41 Necker Island & the Second Marriage Story

14:44 Overcoming fears, new photography ambassador appointment.

21:22 Training photographers in Antarctica.

25:01 The Emperor penguin life.

26:31 Adults care for chicks, exhibit extraordinary life cycle.

32:35 Connection to nature, Awe and Beauty. 

34:16 Michael Pallin acknowledged Sue's sixth sense.  Cultivating sixth sense.

40:13 Teaching wildlife photography and leading expeditions globally.

41:59 Human -  Nature Interconnection

45:27 Volcanic eruption led to healthier Arctic bears.

47:57 Climate Change in Antarctica & info on protection.

50:30 Unforgettable moment in Antarctica's penguin colony.

51:37 Penguin sheds gray fluff, reveals unique heart.

53.05 Where's the Earl Grey?