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Mar 1, 2024

Welcome to Cuppa 36.5 of 40. In this episode of the 40 for Tea, host Rachel Allan has a heartfelt and profound conversation with world-renowned activist, peacemaker, and author, Satish Kumar.  With over half a century of activism, Satish is a beacon of hope, drawing from his profound interactions with figures like Pope Francis and Martin Luther King to inspire global change.

Satish recounts his poignant journey delivering peace tea to global leaders, advocating for mindfulness, unity, and heart-led communication in times of adversity. He shares anecdotes of bridging divides with a cup of tea, a powerful conversation and connection with nature, advocating for patience and trust in the tireless pursuit of justice.

As co-founder of Schumacher College, Satish talks of regenerative practices and sustainable living, grounding his teachings in the belief that the economy should enhance human and planetary well-being, not exploit it. He reframes HR from Human Resources to Human Relationships. Painting a compelling portrait of an economy that celebrates human relationships and operates within the ecological "doughnut."

We delve into Satish's guiding principles – soil, soul, and society – and how we must nurture each dimension to foster environmental and spiritual connectivity. With coherent and compassionate wisdom, Satish champions love as the metaphysical gravity that holds our universe together.

We celebrate the power of love, optimism, and the courage to transform not just our external world, but our inner landscapes as well. 

This is not just an episode; it's an invitation to pause, reflect, and join us on a journey to uncover what truly matters.

So grab your cuppa and let's dive in together.

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Part 2 of 2.. 

N.B.  This episode was recorded March 2022.


08:11 Deliver peace tea to world leaders, prevent nuclear war.

10:41 Persuading through connection, not just intellect.

13:51 Build trust through communication.

19:05 Patience. 

20:24 Solving problems requires interconnected focus on environment.

24:27 Embrace diversity, emphasis on common humanity.

31:19 Meeting Pope Francis, urged climate action.

35:37 Schumacher College education model.

41:02 "Small is beautiful, within ecological limits."

44:07 Love sustains humanity, nature, and connections.