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Mar 14, 2024

Welcome to Cuppa 37 of 40. In this episode of the 40 for Tea, host Rachel Allan invites you to a lively conversation with NNI dialogues Jonelle Naudé and Weibke Renner.   We dive straight into tea, crossing divides and removing the charge from power words.  

These powerhouse women are firm believers in the power of facilitated, genuine communication and the transformative role of empathy in resolving conflicts. At the heart of their philosophy lies the knowledge that when people's voices are truly heard, a space for understanding and new solutions are created. NNI dialogue is a systems based methodology born through working in post apartheid South Africa.  Tangible change is measured through 3 specific steps.

We are challenged to question the dominating focus on the "why am I right?" mindset, which often hinders progress. Instead, we are encouraged to consider that multiple truths bring resilience to a system, fear as a protector and perhaps the emotions we feel don't always belong to us.

We celebrate what it is to be human, are offered valuable perspectives on how to get unstuck in relationships, teams and in life events.  As we ask the question "how do we be with complexity and move forward together?"

There's also a bit of energetic plumbing!  

So grab your cuppa and let's dive in together.

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00:00 Intro - Podcast Cuppa explores human connection and resilience.

08:15 -  What is NNI  -  Founded in South Africa, promotes systemic dialogue.

11:29 - How it works: the measurement system: Shift in emotion, thought & behavior.

13:17 - Example in South Africa.

17.17 - Microcosm teaches us about the Macrocosom

22:59 - Update on whats happening in 40 for Tea.

25:45 - Facing suppressed feelings.

29:25 - Embracing multiple truths, creating connection through sharing.

33:12 - Diversity in voices is essential for a healthy ecosystem.

35:11 - Resilience.

39:51 - Judging words - a reframe.

44:50 - Channeling entities a real phenomena.

48:32 - The Gold

The headlines:

  1.  Understanding and Expressing Emotions
  • The role of external facilitators in helping individuals identify and express emotions.
  • Using anonymity to express emotions without feeling personal overwhelm.
  • Collective processing and normalization of a wide range of emotions.
  • The impacts of suppressing emotions on personal and collective progress.

2. NNI Dialogue Methodology

  • Aimed at crossing divides and ensuring all voices are heard.
  • Creating empathy by speaking from the experience.
  • Structured space for discussing complex issues including taboo subjects.
  • Coexistence of multiple truths in dialogues.
  • This process is like being Energetic plumbers

3. Co-creation of Meaning in Words

  • The importance of deconstructing words to understand their relationships.
  • Engagement with words beyond academics to comprehend diverse meanings.
  • Removing judgments from words to maintain neutrality and observe emotions.

4. Energetic Dialogue and Healing

  • Dialogical experiences embodying different voices to shift the awareness & system.
  • The practical work that impacts physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.
  • The guests as "energetic plumbers" shifting collective energies and offering aid.

5. Collective Transformation in Dialogue Settings

  • Tracking group transformation cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally.
  • Case study from Bonnevale showing dialogue-induced recognition and steps towards healing.
  • Systemic approach focusing on themes and energies instead of individual stories.

6. Reflection of Societal Systems

  • Dialogue systems mirroring broader societal systems.
  • Offering insight and choices to participants for pattern and behavior change.

7. Features of the 40 for Tea Podcast

  • Emphasizing human connection and resilience through inspiring interviews.
  • Conversations with individuals like Jonelle Naude representing NNI Dialogue.
  • Exploring collective work for global challenges.

8. Embracing Multiple Truths and Diversity

  • Unlocking empathy and understanding through deeper self-expression.
  • Celebrating and accepting diverse perspectives.

9. The Value of Disconnection and Rest

  • The necessity of disconnection and rest within systems and dialogues.
  • Contributions of diverse voices, rest, and disconnection to a healthy ecosystem.

10. Externalization of Emotions

  • Techniques for facilitating communication and minimizing defensiveness through externalizing emotions.

11. The Power of Words in Reality

  • Discussion on the relational meaning of words and the impact on shaping reality.
  • How words are negotiated and understood in relations.

12. Guest Backgrounds and the Podcast Community

  • Geographic diversity of the guests from Berlin, Cape Town, and Ireland
  • Encouraging the podcast community to engage, sign up for updates, and share the show.

13. Upcoming Season and Engagements

  • Preview of the upcoming season of the podcast.
  • Invitation for the audience to stay connected and involved with "40 for Tea."