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Apr 2, 2024

Raise Consciousness, create heart coherence, heal and rewrite your life stories; when Science and Spirituality meet in Real time to understand the true power of the heart.  Yes.

Welcome back to 40 for Tea Podcast: Here it is Cuppa 39 of 40, yeay!  Host Rachel Allan shares tea with Sheva Carr & Robert Browning of the world renowned Heart Math Institute.

We unwrap the profound wisdom of the heart, diving into topics that bridge our understanding of its impact far beyond a mere biological pump. Discover the heart's 'little brain,' explore the power of cardiac coherence, and learn how our heart rhythms can harmonise our entire being, shape our perceptions and influence our emotional landscapes.

Hear personal stories of overcoming trauma, fostering joy, and embracing the complexity of relationships and the world with love.  Before we move to a live technique with a heart coherence practice. These tools are designed to guide us out of survival mode and into thriving existence using breathwork and the intentional cultivation of positive emotions.

There's so much more - consciousness, belonging and home... as the penny drops on what matters.

Rach asks us who to have for cuppa 40? Do you want to join her, or have a recommendation for this final tea?

In the meantime, GO GRAB that Cuppa, and let's dive in.

To LOVE and Remember the Heart.


Sheva a passionate tea lover, arrives with 2 cups of tea a pint glass and a Tenmoku gold leaf cup, Robert, more a coffee lover arrives with tea in with his chipped orange bed bath and beyond mug.


01:12 Mini intro to our guests & scene setting

03.43 Outtakes

08:13 Emotions run high - podcast inspired by meditation, launched amid lockdown.

11.40 Our LOVE of Tea - how tea and coffee drinkers can get on!  

14:01 Creating medicinal teas for Yogi teas, we love Creativitea

17.59 Beauty as the antidote to violence

19:25 Personal wisdom stories overcoming trauma - its possible.

22:44 Intense journey of love and magnetism.

31:23 Exploring life's challenges to promote personal growth.

37:31 Heart may not pump blood.

40:05 Heart intelligence overrides cognitive intelligence

43:58 Heart Coherence Practice

49:31 Power of the breath.

57:03 Spirituality: the Sacred & Mundane.

01:04:23 Heart Ambassadors program.

01:10:57 Podcast updates with new guests. Exciting!

The Headlines:

1. Introduction to Guest Speakers

  • Introduction of Robert Browning and Sheva Carr from the Heartmath Institute
  • Rachel Allan as the podcast host

2. Exploration of Sheva and Robert's Backgrounds

  • Sheva's intergenerational and personal traumas
  • Robert's childhood joy and unrecognized traumas
  • Shared experiences of losing friends to murder

3. Concept of Static and Coherence

  • Static as a metaphor for chaotic energy waves in relationships
  • Coherence as a facilitator for growth and living true to one's heart

4. Tea and Its Significance

  • Sheva's passion for specialty teas
  • Stories behind her favorite teas including vintage licorice and a Japanese medicinal tea
  • Yogi teas company and background in acupuncture and herbalism

5. Heart Coherence and Physiology

  • Heart coherence's impact on mental, emotional, and physical systems
  • Heart as the first organ in fetal development and its influence on the brain

6. Heartmath and Heart Ambassadors Program

  • Heartmath Institute's research on heart intelligence
  • Heart Ambassadors Program for applying heart intelligence to global issues
  • Complimentary consultations offered

7. The Heart's Role and Intelligence

  • Scientific complexity and "little brain" in the heart
  • Heart's capacity to influence responses to life events
  • Technique of "quick coherence" to create a heart rhythm pattern

8. Encouragement for Listener Engagement

  • Invitation to think about sharing a pot of tea with someone to connect
  • Teaser for the final season's big announcement

9. Appreciation for Listeners and Invitation to Follow the Journey

  • Gratitude for the listeners' involvement in the podcast
  • Invitation to join the next phase and sign up for updates

10.  Scientific Discussion of Heart Intelligence

  • Research on the impact of love and compassion
  • The heart as the primary frequency signaler and its electromagnetic influence

11. Practical Applications of Heart Intelligence

  • Breathing and gratitude techniques for daily life integration
  • Cardiac coherence to nourish oneself throughout the day
  • Role of stressors as opportunities for growth

12. Final Remarks and Future Directions

  • Reflection on the journey of creating "40 for Tea Podcast"
  • Discussing the importance of heart-centered conversations
  • Looking forward to the continuing exploration of connections and human experiences