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Dec 1, 2021

Lynn was in her 40's recently divorced with 2 young children when diagnosed with breast cancer.  In this inspiring podcast, Lynn soon to turn 60, she shares her story with Rach, journeying stage 4 cancer, the power of mindset in her recovery while bridging conventional and alternative medicines.  Opening up the question of what's possible when we step into a powerful mindset with support.

Cuppa 29 of 40 in the Season 3, Powerhouse Women Series.  Lynn shares tools and resources she has used in her journey back to health.   Get the kettle on - we are drinking Hibiscus tea, .


The Medical Medium 

HEAL Documentary 

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

David Hamilton - How the Mind Can Heal the Body

Joe dispenza: You are the Placebo 

Breast Cancer Haven

Lynn Rae Website

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