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May 20, 2021

Woman wisdom & growth mindset.  The surprising impact of online courses and how to let go.  This life giving tea with Bex Tyrer and Rach takes a look back at wisdom and reflections on 2020.

02.13 - It tasted like lemons

04.27 - I learnt so much...

07.42 - the power of nature

09.17 - the wisdom

14.00 - the medicine

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Welcome to this set of bonus episodes!  Unedited, rough, ready and real talking, real stories & reflections from 2020.  

We’ve all been in the same storm, in different boats, having different experiences. We explore perspectives and wisdom we can borrow.  Gold nuggets to journey into 2021 with.  This is an invitation to listen with curiosity and an open heart.

Being human has come to a new level of vulnerability, it is time for us to come together and connect to ourselves and each other in new ways.  We need each other.

Who are we becoming and what do we want for ourselves and our lives moving forward.

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