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Mar 31, 2022

Cuppa 34 of 40 - a tea between Liberia and London, lessons in history & bridging divides.  Human & animal, multi-national organisation & indigenous community, women and men, borders & freedom.  How do we hold polarities in both hands and explore new perspectives for a better world?

Letla, a highly respected leader, forester and biodiversity specialist by profession, (see her impressive CV), talks of her call to the timber trade and commitment to biodiversity in post-war Liberia.  For us, a reconnection to African history and ideas on how seeming opposing factors can create new futures.  

The tea starts with Letla in isolation, the electric down in Lesotho, boiling the kettle whilst laughing trying to get tech to work.  After tea, Rach and her progress to the history of Liberia, recovery following the funding of war through the timber trade, moving to practical ideas on development.  They open up clear and powerful perspectives on diversity in all ways: gender, biodiversity & knowledge.  This is wise woman stuff.  Borderless worlds, challenging beliefs on wealth, gender and what could be possible for us all.

"I have always believed in my capacity as a woman.  What we are socialised to believe shapes our world."

Celebrating diversity, human, animal, knowledge, through obeying the natural laws of biodiversity.  A history lesson and wisdom team all rolled into one.  If you want to learn something new and be inspired by a powerhouse woman, go get the kettle on, it's time for tea.

Cuppa 34 of 40 in a quest exploring being human in this new decade.  Subscribe to be part of the journey.