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Aug 25, 2020

Celia Bull shares her story, saving the life of Adventurer Paul Pritchard on the Totem Pole (see Cuppa 12), how that put her life on a new trajectory and the power of Trust.  Rach and Celia explore being a mum, exploring life as a journey and the power of saying yes to synchronicities, to shape life and how it evolves.  


Celia is a Skipper, Climber, Crofter, Writer and Mother with an incredible story of journeying PTSD, following saving her climbing partner's life, to create a life beyond what she ever imagined.  She is courageous, captivating, inspiring and real.


Through the power of connection 40 for Tea opens conversations on what it is to be human in this new decade.  In Cuppa 12, Paul Pritchard told the story of a near fatal accident on the Totem Pole in Tasmania.  He talked of his spiritual awakening, and how it had changed his life for the better.  At the end of every cuppa, I ask my guest, "who should I speak to next?"  He said, "Celia Bull, the woman who saved my life."  Here is Celia's story and so much more.

The power of a cup of tea, to find common ground, be real and grow.


Go grab a cuppa and let's explore feeling into being human together. 

You can find more on Celia at Selkie Explorers  Facebook
You can reach Rach on Linkedin  or follow her on instagram at @40forTea / @Rachallan___